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April 14 2016


Trying to find Gluten-free Products in Ottawa? Listed here are The Top 5 Stores

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Finding gluten free products in Ottawa wasn't as difficult as I initially thought. As it turns out, everybody is turning to a gluten-free lifestyle, either because of allergies or because of a conscious effort to eat better. Personally, the change is a result of an intolerance. Therefore i began my mission to finding Ottawa stores that carried these goods. After months of searching town, I was capable of narrow your search the most effective locations in downtown Ottawa.

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Listed here are 5 locations:

1. Loblaws Superstores (both McArthur and Rideau locations)

The Loblaws Superstores have a section focused on gluten-free foods, including various flours, pasta, snacks, and canned foods. A frozen foods section can be available for breads, pizza crusts, frozen dinners and tortillas.

2. Natural Food Pantry (Billings Bridge Plaza, next to the food court)

This store gets the widest choice of items that I have found in Ottawa. They offer lots of the same items that are located at the Loblaws Superstores but also have a part of baked items that don't contain gluten. These are baked fresh daily and taste great!

3. Bulk Barn (South Keys location)

A good option to find cheap gluten-free flours will be the Bulk Barn. Here you'll find teff flour, arrowroot flour, tapioca flour as well as other others. Since foods with no gluten are typically expensive, this store certainly is the best bang for your buck.

4. Rainbow Foods (Richmond Road)

Includes a portion of gluten free foods.

5. Nutrition House (Rideau Centre)

This is mainly a fitness food store but does sell gluten free products.

Although I spend the majority of my profit the very first 3 stores, I be sure to buy my flours in the Bulk Barn. The savings are incredible. Just be sure to get glass containers to hold the flours making labels for the kids for straightforward identification.

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